What Does Jubilee Do?

The Financial Partnering branch matches people who have consistent work and stable housing, but are burdened with consumer debt, with someone who is willing to help.  The Rising Partner receives financial help from a Sacrificial Partner, as well as gains a mentor and friend in this road to financial freedom. In a typical situation, the goal is to free the Rising Partner from burdensome consumer debt in two years.  Immediately, the Rising Partner will be able to give to those in need by giving 3.3% of their income toward Jubilee House's ministries or Jubilee House recommended organizations, which include organizations both local and abroad.  Once freed from consumer debt, the Rising Partner aims to become a Sacrificial Partner to someone else. 

The Resource and Education branch exists to provide helpful information to all members of our community, both people in need of assistance and people looking for information to assist others in a time of need.   We are a Christ-centered organization, and will strive to show Christ’s love to all who come for help, walking along side them in their journey.  We will also be offering educational opportunities through small, practical seminars and classes on a variety of topics.  Most classes will be free and available to the entire community, and led by volunteer instructors.

The Poverty Commission advocates for those in need by assessing current programs, networking community leaders, and directly supporting the growth of services and organizations.  Money is given locally, as well as to established and respected Christian organizations abroad whose goals are also the elimination of poverty, starvation, slavery and oppression.

The Counseling component provides psycho-social counseling informed by a spiritual perspective.  Licensed counselors are available with fees based on a sliding scale.  For all those able to pay the full hourly rate, your payment will help provide counseling services for those who are not able to pay the full amount.